Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Discussion--Pricing, M. Pierce, and Twitter

A few nights ago I saw a post about M. Pierce's "Last Light" cover reveal and pre-order links. I jumped right over to pre-order book two in the "Night Owl" series and saw the price was $8.89. Um they're kidding right? I remember buying book one less than a year ago for 99 cents and even not on sale it is $3.79. So....$8.89 seems a bit ridiculous right?

Well apparently not to M. Pierce twitter fans. I made some comment referencing the author and M. Pierce replied how they hoped the publisher would lower the price. I said thanks but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much for one e-book. Well that set off the hordes. Everyone started telling me about movies costing 10+ dollars for a two hour movie so 8.89 is totally worth it for one book of 'naughty pleasures'.

First of all, I do not pay anything more than 6.25 for a movie. Why? I have a stack of discount coupons. Even then I haven't been to the theater in two years. Why? Because I can get movies for free at my local library when they come out. I don't really see the point in paying ten dollars, etc. for two hours of entertainment.

Second of all, why did it come off like I was personally attacking M. Pierce? I was merely explaining to the author why I was not going to order the book because of the price. I wasn't asking M. Pierce to change it. I wasn't rude. I wasn't saying it was a bad series. I was merely saying the price was too high to convince me to buy it. That was it.  Then I started getting tweets from people telling me I was trying to convince myself the price was too high, M. Pierce's work was genius, blah blah blah. I wasn't saying any of that.

Basically I was saying 8.89 for one book that will give me three hours of reading time was too much when I could buy eight 99 cents books for 24 hours of entertainment. I have to make these calls with my limited income all the time. I cannot buy books that expensive simply because I like the series. I have a limited budget and I find spending more than half my typical book budget on one book.

Maybe I took the complaints too personally. Maybe I should have talked back to them. Maybe I should have said nothing at all. I just felt the author had the right to know why I would not be buying. I like the series but not enough to pay more than my hourly salary for the book. Maybe that makes me ridiculous but then I'll be ridiculous.


  1. I just read the exchange on twitter and some of the comments of those other ladies. M. Pierce's "fans", or as shim likes to call them "friends", which are actually NOTHING but groupies, were COMPLETLEY out of line. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion and should be able to express their thoughts on a matter without having fear of being attacked. A LOT of the comments made later by these fans, which the author was tagged in, were SO caddy and unbelievably rude

  2. I am really sorry that the comments became hurtful. I noticed that things were getting out of hand, though I'm not sure what to do apart from issuing an apology. Pricing is such a sensitive and personal issue -- a fact I've learned the hard way. I often wish my publishers would price Last Light lower, though I do hope it's worth the money. Again, I can only issue my own personal apology. M. Pierce

  3. I am a fan of M. Pierce and Night Owl, and saw what happened on Twitter. Let me say that not all, in fact MOST of M.'s readers are not like that. You are entitled to your opinion, and I understand that price plays a large part in all purchases.
    Hopefully the price will go down, and you'll be able to purchase Last Light! :)

  4. I am also on a book budget and I don't pay more than £1 for a 'first ebook' by a new author I'm trying. If I love the book, I buy the series in paperback which I keep, trade or loan to friends to get them interested in the series and maybe lead to more book sales. If not I delete it from the ereader and I can say I've tried their work. I would NEVER pay that amount for an ebook even if it was my favourite author. I just can't afford that kind of price. Giving your own mild opinion on Twitter seems to be dangerous these days because of the rabid bullies who are out there.